Forum for Women in Leadership Announces

14th WILL Women in Leadership Program August 2021, Live Online!
3-Days Cross-Industry Executive Leadership Program For Women – From the mountains of Sattal!
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Sessions will cover some of the following topics – including:
Building Power of Self – Centered Leadership, Understanding your Beliefs and Capabilities
Agile Leadership – Embeding Positivity | Adaptability | Learnability | Power Impact
Compassionate Leadership for Business Success – Collaborate, Collective, and Community Building
Strategic Networking } Navigating | Leveraging – The Digital Empowerment
Building Executive Presence and Getting Visible – Online!
Experience Power of Nature! – Keeping in a “safe” place to rejuvenate your Leadership Energy
Group Discussions between Participants and Open Roundtables / Meeting Rooms
WILL Mentoring Faculty of senior business leaders, men and women
WILL Women in Leadership Certification 2021 will be given to all the Participants

Registration Closed
    Rs. 25,000 (For all 3 days + 18% GST)
    Rs. 10,000 (For day 1 + 18% GST)
    Rs. 10,000 (For day 2 + 18% GST)
    Rs. 10,000 (For day 3 + 18% GST)
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